Why IceBand cooling treatment?

IceBand cooling treatment is the safe, simple and efficient way to faster rehabilitation and postoperative pain relief, using pure water and PCE™ technology.

Cold compression dressing is an important part of postoperative rehabilitation and pain relief. Cooling has a hypo metabolic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. In combination with compression therapy, this leads to less swelling, less tissue damage and a quicker rehabilitation. During the acute inflammatory phase, the first 72 hours, and during the reparative phase, 72 hours to 6 weeks after injury/surgery cooling has a positive effect.

The most efficient cooling agent is ice.

To have a noticeable effect, cooling therapy should last at least 20 minutes. For optimal effect it is recommended that each period of cold therapy should last for approximately 60 minutes.

With IceBand the patient will without difficulty, comfortably and swiftly, easier reach normal function. The bandage is discrete and easy to apply.

The design of the bandage is based on scientific criteria to give optimal cooling and compression.

By using PCE™ (Phase Changing Element) technology IceBand obtains an active cooling phase within the therapeutic interval for approximately 60 minutes.

IceBand® is safe and user friendly with very low risk of side effects and very few contraindications. IceBand® is ideal for safe cooling and compression therapy, two key components in postoperative treatment.

Please read the users’ manual carefully before using your IcebBand®.

IceBand was developed in co-operation with MD R. Ihrman, Orthopaedic Clinic, County Hospital Ryhov Jönköping, Sweden.