Features and benefits

Cold compression dressing is an important part of postoperative rehabilitation and pain relief. The features and benefits of treating pain and swelling with IceBand® compression are:

Efficient technology

  • Uses PCE™ (Phase Changing Element) Technology – ice is the most efficient cooling medium and the product uses the superior latent heat of fusion properties of pure water to provide a longer cooling effect (maintains an active cooling phase within the therapeutic interval for around 60 minutes).
  • The need for painkillers may be reduced.

Easy to handle

  • IceBand is designed to be easy to handle and use in the clinic and can be mounted and adjusted to each patient. IceBand is easy to secure with Velcro bands, which allow control over fit and compression.
  • IceBand is safe and easy for the patient to use at home – can be used without assistance. Therefore it is more likely that the patient will comply with the rehabilitation regime and continue to use it.
  • 4 elements allow the patient to keep two in the freezer whilst two are being used – allows for continual cooling therapy if needed (nb: always rest the joint for 1 hour at least between applications).


  • Side effects are minimized. The protective, non-woven fabric of the bandage will eliminate the risk of frostbite whilst allowing maximum cooling effect.

Hygienic and disposable

  • Disposal: Consists of water, polyethylene, and polypropylene which makes it disposable – more hygienic than reusable products and therefore less of an infection control issue. It can be disposed of at the end of the rehabilitation in household waste. When incinerated, it will turn into CO2 and water.
  • Single patient use which means hygienic and also easy to handle (you do not have to administrate the product or rent out).
  • Can be used 30 times – allows the patient to keep the IceBand for the entire rehabilitation period from hospital to home.