Important info about IceBand®

IceBand® Cold Therapy – important info about

IceBand® includes 1 brace and 2 sets of 2 cooling elements.

The cooling agent is pure water without any additives, using PCE™ technology. (Phase Changing Element).

IceBand is a cooling and compression bandage that has been specifically developed for the relief of postoperative pain and swelling during rehabilitation after surgery.

IceBand should be applied without delay directly after the operation and can with advantage be used after training sessions and physiotherapy that would otherwise increase swelling and pain.

IceBand will facilitate postoperative rehabilitation and shorten your recovery. Cooling has an anti-inflammatory effect that will in itself reduce swelling and pain. The cooling effect cannot cause any harm and can safely be used as often as you like.

IceBand can also be used to reduce pain and swelling following an acute injury, while you are waiting for medical attention.


Patients’ skin should be observed frequently due to individual sensitivity. Contact your physician if the treatments lead to more pain or if you are uncertain about any aspect of its use. All cooling products shall be handled with care and only be used in accordance with instructions from a physician.

IceBand should not be used if you suffer from cold allergy, Raynauds phenomenon or cryoglobulinaemia. If you are uncertain always ask your physician.