Why IceBand?

IceBand® is a cooling and compression wrap that is specifically developed for the relief of pain and swelling after surgery or injury.

IceBand is safe and user friendly, with a very low risk of side effects and few contraindications. IceBand is ideal for cooling and compression therapy – two key elements of postoperative rehabilitation*. By using the PCE™ technology (Phase Changing Element), IceBand obtains an active cooling phase within the therapeutic interval for at least 60 minutes (see graph).

The design of IceBand is based upon scientific criteria to give optimal cooling and compression.

* During the acute inflammatory phase, the first 72 hours, and during the reparative phase, 72 hours to 6 weeks after injury/surgery cooling has a positive effect (6).

5 reasons – why to use IceBand

  • Safe
  • Easy to handle
  • Efficient
  • Hygienic (single patient use)
  • Cost effective