IceBand Foot-ankle

IceBand Foot-Ankle is a cooling and compression wrap specifically developed for the relief of postoperative pain and swelling. It is easy to put on and easy to re-freeze for multiple use.

IceBand Foot-Ankle should be applied without delay directly after injury or surgery. IceBand Foot/Ankle can facilitate postoperative rehabilitation and shorten recovery.

Cooling the ankle has an anti-inflammatory effect that will in itself reduce swelling and pain. The cooling effect cannot cause any harm and can safely be used as often as you like.

The unique design will cool the joint for approx. 1 hour. The elastic Velcro fastenings provides compression.

Each IceBand includes one brace and two sets of cooling elements. The four cooling elements allows the patient to keep two sets in the freezer while two are being used.

Download our user’s manual.